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Final CIF Wrestling 2013 State Place Winners 106 1st Place – Adrian Camposano of Central (cs) 2nd Place – Gionn Peralta of Vacaville (sj) 3rd Place – Vincente Elizalde of Brawley (sd) 4th Place – Tommy Espinoza of Otay Ranch (sd) 5th Place – Durbin Lloren of Buchanan (cs) 6th Place – Perez Perez of Windsor (nc) 7th Place – Tirso Lara of Poway (sd) 8th Place – Nico Colunga of Oakdale (sj) 113 1st Place – Israel Saavedra of Modesto (sj) 2nd Place – Sean Williams of Lemoore (cs) 3rd Place – Zahid Valencia of St. John Bosco (ss) 4th Place – Khristian Olivas of Clovis (cs) 5th Place – Sergio Mendez of San Fernando (la) 6th Place – Isaiah Hokit of Wasco (cs) 7th Place – Roy Galvan of La Quinta (ss) 8th Place – Joey Vigil of Heritage (nc) 120 1st Place – Mason Pengilly of Porterville (cs) 2nd Place – Isaiah Locsin of Live Oak (cc) 3rd Place – Jonas Gaytan of Clovis (cs) 4th Place – Jordan Gurrola of North Torrance (ss) 5th Place – Julian Flores of San Marino (ss) 6th Place – Daniel Ruiz of Madera (cs) 7th Place – Micah Perez of Central Union (sd) 8th Place – Arnulfo Olea of Exeter (cs) 126 1st Place – Johnny Parada of San Fernando (la) 2nd Place – Wyatt Wyckoff of Paradise (ns) 3rd Place – Michael Knoblauch of Clovis West (cs) 4th Place – Justin Thomas of Santiago/Cor (ss) 5th Place – Victor Trujillo of Bella Vista (sj) 6th Place – Artemio Flores of James Logan (nc) 7th Place – Vincent Gomez of Frontier (cs) 8th Place – Jesse Calderon of La Quinta (ss) 132 1st Place – Aaron Pico of St. John Bosco (ss) 2nd Place – Paul Fox of Gilroy (cc) 3rd Place – Javier Gasca of Kingsburg (cs) 4th Place – Ali Naser of El Camino Real (la) 5th Place – Ralph Tovar of Poway (sd) 6th Place – Austin Solari of Liberty (nc) 7th Place – Abel Contreras of Porterville (cs) 138 1st Place – Nikko Villarreal of Gilroy (cc) 2nd Place – Elijah Davis of Riordan (cc) 3rd Place – Martin Sandoval of Porterville (cs) 4th Place – Terrill Siedener of Beaumont (ss) 5th Place – Michael Sill of Walnut (ss) 6th Place – Mike Longo of Santiago/Cor (ss) 7th Place – Chris Garcia of Clovis West (cs) 8th Place – Nolan Kistler of Ml King (ss) 145 1st Place – Christian Pagdilao of Santiago/Cor (ss) 2nd Place – Anthony Valencia of St. John Bosco (ss) 3rd Place – Victor Lopez of Poway (sd) 4th Place – Zac Contreras of Riordan (cc) 5th Place – Jason Ladd of Clovis (cs) 6th Place – Lorenzo De la riva of Folsom (sj) 7th Place – Kevan Garcia of Paso Robles (ss) 8th Place – Andrew Fierro of Bakersfield (cs) 152 1st Place – Luke Wilson of Righetti (ss) 2nd Place – Shayne Tucker of Bella Vista (sj) 3rd Place – Kyle Perrault of Clovis East (cs) 4th Place – Coleman Hammond of Bakersfield (cs) 5th Place – Alexander Graves of San Marcos (sd) 6th Place – Blayne Briceno of Crespi (ss) 7th Place – Aaron Negrette of Calvary Chapel/Sa (ss) 8th Place – Andrew Simmons of Highland (ss) 160 1st Place – Isaiah Martinez of Lemoore (cs) 2nd Place – Nicholas Fiegener of Folsom (sj) 3rd Place – Ray Lomas of Central Catholic (sj) 4th Place – Bradley Christensen of Chaparral (ss) 5th Place – Hunter Hodges of Bakersfield (cs) 6th Place – Colin Navickas of Marina (ss) 7th Place – Justin Brown of Calaveras (sj) 8th Place – Freddie Garcia of Santiago/Cor (ss) 170 1st Place – Peter Santos of Oakmont (sj) 2nd Place – Corey Griego of Sultana (ss) 3rd Place – Steve Cervantes of Poway (sd) 4th Place – Bryce Martin of Bakersfield (cs) 5th Place – Jovan Villalobos of Alisal (cc) 6th Place – Alec Gamboa of Madera (cs) 7th Place – Harlan Kistler of Ml King (ss) 8th Place – Bryan Salinas of Northview (ss) 182 1st Place – Adrian Salas of Clovis (cs) 2nd Place – Immanuel Barber of Canyon Springs (ss) 3rd Place – Sohrab Movahedi of Granada Hills (la) 4th Place – Nick Troquato of Ponderosa (sj) 5th Place – Matt Williams of Sultana (ss) 6th Place – Chris Lai of Vacaville (sj) 7th Place – Johnny Beltran of Servite (ss) 8th Place – Taryn Christiansen of El Molino (nc) 195 1st Place – Jeramy Sweany of Vacaville (sj) 2nd Place – Scott Votino of Elk Grove (sj) 3rd Place – Trevor Smith of Ripon (sj) 4th Place – Nick Johnson of Murrieta Valley (ss) 5th Place – Gabriel Gonzalez of Washington Union (cs) 6th Place – Clayton Hartwell of James Logan (nc) 7th Place – Mason Kumashiro of Los Alamitos (ss) 8th Place – Oscar Rios of Windsor (nc) 220 1st Place – Derrick Jones of Bloomington (ss) 2nd Place – Sean Medley of Wasco (cs) 3rd Place – Mat Boesen of West Torrance (ss) 4th Place – Nate Keeve of Terra Linda (nc) 5th Place – Victor Raigoza of Orland (ns) 6th Place – Jordan Sepeda of Natomas (sj) 7th Place – Cortes Morales of Clovis West (cs) 8th Place – Auggie Alcantar of Frontier (cs) 285 1st Place – Nick Nevills of Clovis (cs) 2nd Place – Alex Redmond of Los Alamitos (ss) 3rd Place – Nour Abdullatif of Roosevelt (ss) 4th Place – Tyler Hecht of Franklin-EG (sj) 5th Place – James Cannon of Escondido (sd) 6th Place – Chance Eskam of Carlsbad (sd) 7th Place – Jeff Camilli of Ponderosa (sj) 8th Place – Jaharee Taylor of Elk Grove (sj)

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